Hello! Welcome to Huong’s space where I showcase my creative expertise and work. I take great pride in my ability to design, develop and communicate beautiful and meaningful ideas to inspire and improve the quality of my life and others’. Feel free to contact and connect with me for bespoke projects and creative collaborations.

design. . .

To me, design fundamentally is a kind of art, the art of communication. And art, in its purest and truest form, all starts with pen and paper. That is how our earliest, most original ideas come to be, like a drawing of a kid. I believe this physical aspect is crucial in any design work, even though the advent of digital technology makes it look like almost everything nowadays happens virtually on a mere screen.

Technology might be a means of communication but it is the design that makes it come alive. And that is not just any random graphics or arrangements, the finest design must be identity-instilled and distinct enough to make a genuine statement for what it represents, yet simple and subtle enough to still be memorable and impactful in a sophisticated way. This is what I call highest level of communication, and it is exceptionally important for brands and businesses to create first impressions, build trust and maintain meaningful interactions with targeted audience in this screen-dominated age.

. . .that speaks identity

Just like the physical appearance of the exterior and interior of your office, store or restaurant and the way you dress and carry yourself, your online presence, starting with your website, must cleverly express what your brand and business stands for, what you believe in that shapes its vision, mission and values, through both visual and sentimental design elements which deliver seamless experience and as a result, subtly form true human connections.

The secret of great design also lies in the practicality. While it is not like a website can be physically drawn on a computer screen, I believe the making of it should be as effortless and as universal as possible. And I am grateful and pleased to be able to help my clients do exactly that and beyond. Because after all, there shouldn’t be any limitations to the communication of great ideas.

write. . .

I am particularly fascinated by the creative combination of language and designs that can tell a deeper story and meaning beyond what meets the eyes.

If design creates the flow, writing creates the narrative that perfects it. To me, it is also another form of art that helps us communicate through the choice of words and the organisation of ideas that reveal much more than the face value of a message.

. . .with an edge

A high quality writing work brings with it an identity – an authentic voice – an edge. When it comes to my words, I want them to be as sharp as knife and as deep as life. That’s why I don’t write on demand, I only write what I want and what I can truly identify myself with, because every piece is highly invested with my own unique perspective and signature touch.

I’m grateful to be given the support to work on my book called Gratus Garden which will soon be published next year. My writing can further be found on Huongsmemoir and Medium.


It would be blandly easy to pay for somebody to design, build and manage what you want to communicate, right?… Or so it seems? In fact, if you don’t have a taste, then that might well be the case. When it comes to communication, we can not just sit and wait for someone to do all the work for us, especially when it has to do with our own passion and purpose, it must come from our own voice. In both life and business, if you can’t be bothered to sincerely care about how you communicate with somebody, don’t even expect to build any kind of meaningful connection with them.

This is why I’m not only helping with the design but also mentoring you so that you have complete control over what you want to communicate on your website and can freely create your own content with ease. More than anyone else, I understand how frustrated it is to know exactly what you want to say but can not get it out there properly and have to depend on others to do it for you every time.

My perspective is you don’t need to be a hardcore developer in order to create and maintain a website, an online store or even a simple landing page. Website is basically a communication tool between humans. Everything should be as easy and straightforward as putting together a presentation so that you can focus your core skills, time, energy and resources on the more fundamental works of your business and projects, while still being able to take care of it when you need to, of course without any complexity or time-consuming constraints.


My philosophy in life is “to simplify is to enrich”. I can help you simplify the creation of your online presence so that you can enrich the way you communicate with your audience and at the same time, better enhance your creativity, productivity and profitability. I would love to be given the opportunity to hear from you. Feel free to drop me a message, I will reply as soon as possible. Remember: 

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo da Vinci